Cookies Policy

  1. The Service does not collect automatically any information with the exception of information included in cookies.
  2. Cookies are small pieces of data, in particular text, which are stored in the Service User’s terminal equipment and are used to visit the Service websites. Cookies usually contain the name of website they come from, duration of their storage in the users’ terminal equipment, as well as a unique number.
  3. The entity using and having access to cookies on Service User’s terminal equipment is the Service operator – the company JURPOL Jerzy Droździński, with its premises in Środa Wielkopolska, ul. Kilińskiego 39a.
  4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
    1. to adjust the Service content to User’s preferences and optimize the use of websites; in particular, cookies allow a website to recognize Service User’s device and display an Internet page adjusted to User’s needs;
    2. to provide analytics which help understand how Service Users use websites, which in turn allows to improve their structure and content.
  5. In the Service we use two types of cookies: session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the User’s terminal equipment until log-off time, leaving the website or disabling software (a web browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the User’s terminal equipment for a definite period of time defined by the parameters of cookies or until they are removed by the User.
  6. You can learn more about cookies here:, or in ‘Help’ section of your web browser. 

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